Thursday, August 30, 2012

Waiting For a Light to Shine

In the Pines In the Pines
Where the sun never shines
That's where I'm camped tonight
On Mary's Peak (on the Oregon Coastal Mountain Range)
In an early October Drizzle
Fog on my left
The dead night on my right
Bonnie Ship the Diamonds
Basement dialogue and dance
Feeling together and fun
And daring

Gill Collesium get down
Tonight in Corvallis
In Person and Show
The Last Minstrel
Of our lifetime
One every 200 years passes
Through these parts sermonizing
With such passion
And Fire and Blood
The Eternal Time Keeper
Of American Song
Righteous and Self Knowing
The True American Buddha

Glistened with eternal
Knowing and kindred soul
Spirit in passing wisps of
Night and day
Spring and Fall
All together in one masterful
Sweep of brotherhood and rythmn
Tony, Charlie, Larry, David, & Bob
Time Bandits in mock respite
Torn off of history book pages
Ripples of introspection
Layered with regret
Yesterday's message in today's
Blowin' in the Wind
  -How many more times
    will the cannonballs fly?
Knockin' on Heaven's Door
  -Wipe these tears from my eyes
  -Mama take these guns off of me
    I can't shoot them anymore
A Soilder's Grave
  -Pure honesty
It's Alright, Ma
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
 -All your reindeer armies are now rowing home
Waiting for The Light
Desolation Row
Masters of War
Positively 4th Street
Don't Think Twice
Watching the River Flow
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
Cold Irons Bound

Driven up Mary's Peak Roadway
Listening to Bill Monroe
Drinking smoking in foggy soggy
Of early October
Sitting in truck cab 1:19 am
Tent moved to drier place
Under base of pine tree
Gonna head in soon
Savoring this time

-Written after seeing Bob Dylan and his band perform at Gill Colliseum in Corvallis, Oregon on October 7, 2001.The evening prior to the concert the United States government began bombing Afganistan.

Dream Record  September 10, 1998
Dreamed I was sitting in the front row of a Bob Dylan concert, actually on the left side of the stage. The band was rocking, doing songs I had never heard before. One song had a Sonic Youth feel to it.
I was there with two friends, Sweet Torcher and Weimsy.
Dylan started to come over and grin at us while he was jamming. I held eye contact with him for what felt like 15 seconds. He seemed to look into me and know me. I felt a strong presence of Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly.
He came over again and said (more to my friends than to me) "Do you wanna take the train down to the Eugene show tomorrow night?" We hollered our acceptence. Free tickets and a train ride; seventh heaven.
A little later Dylan was talking to the audience, telling them about some of the changes he has gone through since the last time he was here. My friend on my left, Sweet Torcher, yelled out "And you've lost 28 pounds".
Dylan came over, not thinking the comment too funny. There was some mention about us not going to the Eugene show after all, then things got weird.
The rest of my dream was me trying to get on a train, walking through the streets of a small town,